Three things not to do on social media

1. Don’t comment rude things about other peoples photos.

Example: You comment something rude on someones photo and they can tell there parents and you can be in trouble, and sometimes they can tell the staff at school and you can get suspended.

2. Don’t post personal information about yourself

Example: If you post your address someone could find it and you could be in trouble.

3: Everything you post is saved on the internet.


What Happened to flight 370?

There are many theories on what happened to flight 370. A poll conducted by CNN last year found out that 1 in 10 Americans believe”space aliens, time travelers or beings from another dimension” were involved in the plane’s disappearance. The claim that investigators still can’t rule out the possibility that Flight MH370 landed rather than crashed has also reignited the debate: according to the CNN poll, 21 per cent of people believe that at least some people from the flight survived.  I personally think it landed in the ocean and they cant find it.